Are you a wise woman who loves to walk?
Take your walking game to the next level by learning the art of racewalking!

Not a runner? Me either! But I do like being in shape want to lose weight, racewalking is the fastest way for me to reach my wellness goals. And you can do it too!

Are you looking for a routine that provides:

Weight Loss
 Improved Body Image
 Stress Relief
 Exercise that’s easy and affordable?

Aside from the many health benefits of racewalking like reducing your risk of chronic disease, improving digestion, and joint pain, boosting your immunity, and get a good night’s sleep, losing weight, melting away the menopause belly fat and improving your balance, racewalking also helps you to move without pain, feel better in your body, look younger and reduce stress by improving your mood. You’ll also be able to walk a 5k race with ease!

I’ve been racewalking for over 30 years and it’s the way I stay they same size I was before having four children . . . including twins! Another added benefit of racewalking is that it helps me keep menopausal symptoms at bay.

You can racewalk alone but it’s much more fun when you do it with a friend or even better, a group of friends!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to begin the process of racewalking, then download my FREE Let’s Get Ready To Walk Walksheet! It provides you “prep steps” to consider and implement prior to embarking on a new physical activity. Let’s go!