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Are you frequently invited to parties and conferences where food is abundant. How do you maintain healthy eating habits in these environments?

It can be very tempting to indulge at an event where food and drink are ubiquitous. Just remember ‘everything in moderation’ and if you do choose to succumb in a weak moment, don’t worry, just get back on track the next day.

Here are a few more tips to help keep your goals on target during the holiday season or at any event where food is served.

  • Never leave for a business or social gathering with an empty stomach
    • Eat some fruit or half a sandwich on your way out the door. This will allow you to resist the temptation to overeat.
    • Drink water before the meal.
    • When at a buffet, choose a smaller plate, eat slowly and chew your food until it’s liquid in your mouth.
    • Eat smaller portions, take smaller bites and use a smaller plate. Eat until you are full, never until you are stuffed.
  • Keep tabs on your alcohol consumption
    • Every glass of wine, beer or spirit is about 100 calories, while mixed cocktails are TWICE that.
    • Alcohol weakens your willpower and can reinforce your cravings for fatty, salty snacks.
    • You might also want to put a pause on the eggnog! It’s over 220 calories and over 20 grams of fat!
    • If you plan to imbibe, have a full glass of water between each drink.
  • Focus more on guests and less on the food
    • Engage in conversation with other guests, friends or colleagues.
    • If there’s a dance floor, WORK IT! If not, make one! Especially if there’s a live band!
  • Never trade your gym time for other activities
    • Regular exercise keeps your waistline under control.
    • Exercise improves your mood and keeps you sane!
    • Say “No” if you’re bombarded with invites, “Thank you, but we can’t make it” is a perfectly acceptable reply.
    • If you absolutely must attend an event, get your workout in during the morning hours.
  • Treat yourself
    • Before your event, take a long, luxurious bath or better yet, get a massage.
    • Pamper yourself regularly.
  • Put yourself on your list
    • Remember the wellness goals you set for yourself even when you’re out having a good time with friends, family, associates or colleagues.
    • There are 24 hours in the day, aren’t you worth at least one?
  • Continue or increase your exercise
    • When we get busy, we tend to eat more and exercise less which leads to weight gain, a negative self-image and increased stress.
    • Get up and MOVE YOUR BODY either before or after you eat!!
  • Control your portions
    • Fill your plate with more fruits and vegetables and have the protein as a side. Resist the chicken winglets because they contain the most fat.
    • Eating less than 1200 calories a day will cause the body to think it is starving and your metabolism will automatically slow down!
  • Go for the garnish
    • If you’re at a buffet-style event with options that aren’t on your nutrition plan, eat the beautifully decorated garnishes which are always fruit and vegetables!
    • The garnish is perfectly healthy and if not eaten, it will just get tossed.
  • Bring your own food
    • To ensure there’s something you know you won’t feel guilty about eating, bring your own dish.
    • Bring enough to share if it’s that kind of party because meat eaters love vegan and vegetarian food!